Improving your concentration and reaction times

Updated: Oct 5

As my son is a goalie, I needed to find resources during COVID to help him not only with tracking but also improving his reaction time. As I explored, I found great online resources not only for goalies but also for players. Below you will find some of these to assist.

What my son gravitated towards were:

Maria Mountain

A slew of free resources dedicated to goalies but can also assist any position in improving. Kudos to her for helping my son improve.

Coach Maria Mountain – Revolution Conditioning

GoalieTrainingProTV - YouTube

Goalie Training Pro

Meta Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

Let me start by stating that I was skeptical, concerned with the impact to a 10 year old in a virtual reality environment vs. real world. We ended up getting the headset in lieu of a summer camp for one week to learn new language skills but found great VR applications for reaction, focus and strategy. Some of these were focused on sports and even limiting your child to less than 30 minutes a day will drive results. After just 10 minutes myself I found myself exhausted, sweating and lacking the concentration needed to get to the next levels.

I focused on the free or low cost applications but there are applications supported by NHL organizations that support forwards, defence and goalies such as Sense Arena. Some of these require subscriptions for their value however I have included a mix of options in the resource table below.


Great videos that my son leverage in addition to the others not only as a goalie but as a former defenseman.


Maria Mountain hand/eye training to help with concentration and reaction time.


Reaction Ball wall catches. You will need to buy a Reaction Ball. In Canada you can find them at Canadian Tire, SportChek, Hockey Life and for less than $20 CAD


​ reaction time and coordination exercises


This requires the VR headset (Oculus / Meta Quest) but currently the app is free. You can purchase the headset online or via a local store for under $400 CAD and the app is less than $30 CAD


Reakt app in VR (Oculus / Meta Quest 2). You can purchase the headset online or via a local store for under $400 CAD and the app is less than $30 CAD


This requires the VR headset (Oculus / Meta Quest) and a monthly subscription to Sense Arena, but seems popular and a sponsor of InGoal Magazine. We have not tried it due to its cost, but you will find great reviews on line.

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