Finding that inner eye for challenging situations

Updated: Jul 10

Keep in mind my son is a young goaltender, however this article applies to all athletes. Being a young goaltender isn't easy, it feels like the the weight of the world is on their shoulders at times. Making sure the team is supportive and do not make negative comments pertaining to mistakes is important; even more critical is to teach the goaltender the ability to manage their perspective through these tough situations before, during and after a game.

Getting into the right state of mind requires a combination of effort, process & mindset training.

Effort: The more you push and apply yourself, the greater chance you will have at success.

Process: As they say "Practice makes perfect"....repeating actions, activities, scenarios enables an individual to learn how to use planned actions to react to situations and improve the chance at a successful outcome.

Mindset: Mental approach and Attitude towards a situation or scenario

Library of Resources

Below you will find some resources that may help build a state of mind that can assist in finding that inner eye to meet any challenging situation. Note that these can also be used for any position or sport as they teach you an approach of visualization for success.


Pete Fry "The Goalie Mindset"

Although Pete Fry focuses on a goalie mindset, aspects of his technique and philosophy can be applied to any position.


Brian Cain - Mental Performance Coach

Youtube audio walking through the "Breathe", "Affirmation", "Look Back", "Look Forward" visusalization exercise


247 Hockey Youtube Channel - Gaining Hockey Confidence

Visualization Techniques and Practice


Goalie Mindset Training TV

Another Pete Fry Pre-Game Visualization exercise


Inner Mind Sports

Goalie Motivation Guided Imagery


Meditation for Athletes

10 Minutes Guided Medication (Sport Yogi)


Olympic Athletes - Mental Imagery

Example from Alex Deibold mentally preparing for snowboarding


Scientific Benefits of Visualization for Athletes

Benefits of visualization review


Sport Psychology for Hockey Goalies - Mental Recovery

​Coach Blaise provides details on a Mental Recovery Plan that teaches 5 skills that can be used. (Self Talk, Mindset, Refocus, Energy, Relaxation)


Peak Performance Sports - Mental Toughness and preparing for games

Dr. Patrick Cohn goes through typical responses and approaches to preparing mentally for game situations.


Hockey Training - Find the Self-Discipline to Become the Best

Great video from Hockey Training that focuses on finding the self discipline to become the best

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